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Dirndlin up

It’s 6 days until the largest beer festival in the WORLD and I seriously doubt that St Patty’s day here in Bmore or any other of our drinking binges has prepared our livers for this! I welcome the challenge though and if anything, I’m gonna rock the dirndl and have a blast. I ordered my dirndl from a German store online www.bavarian-superstore.de and it’s super cute but I can’t breath in it. It’s definitely true that they are cut small so go with the next size . It’s a good thing my back up arrived in time. Oh and by the way, it’s not pronounced drindle Kim Kardashian! www.epronounce.com/dirndl

20130916-004614.jpgholding my breath


20130916-004715.jpgAh, breathing is awesome

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