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Hello and welcome to my obsession, eh hmm, I mean hobby.  Thanks for checking out my blog. I love traveling and adventure and I look forward to sharing my experiences and hopefully meet some others that share my passion. My name is Annette and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland.  I’m an anesthetist at a local hospital. When I’m not practicing anesthesia, I’m traveling or doing something adventurous. I have always wanted to travel and after finishing school and starting my career, I made it my hobby. It helps keep me sane and relieves some of my stress from work and life in general. I started by deciding I would take one big trip per year with my girlfriends but it quickly turned into a trip about every three months. If I’m not on a trip, I’m planning one and researching it and trying to scheme and manipulate my work schedule any way possible to get time off to escape somewhere awesome. I pretty much have it down to a science now. I’ll squeeze as much as I can in a trip so I can see and do as much as possible. I flew home from New Zealand and went to work 8 hours later. Jet lag? Nah, not me. I am an expert at sleeping…that’s what I do. I put people to sleep and then I wake them up when it’s time. Of course, I can use this lovely skill for my traveling obsession to escape jet lag. I love being in unfamiliar places and finding my way. I love meeting the people, experiencing different cultures, and trying different food. I love doing anything crazy and exciting…skydiving, bungee jumping, sand-boarding. If I’m traveling or there’s an adrenaline rush, then I’m happy


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